Monday, 3 October 2011


defiant stance with folded arms
snarling in the face of love
egged on by the baying crowd
screaming NO I WON'T out loud

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The beginning

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

In The Game

"It's the game of life," that's what they say,
but this sort of
game I don’t want to play.
The rules are simple
with knife in your hand
climb over others 'til at last you stand

on top of the pile where you can smile,
grin, cackle, laugh, but all the while,
over your shoulder
you're keeping an eye
on the rest of the world as it rushes by.

unto others before they do you
pick out the meat from the rest of the stew.
Make your own rules, be nobodys' fool
gain riches and status to make others drool

they clamber their way, knife in hand,
climb over others 'til
at last they stand,
behind you, they'll plunge
the knife in your back
and you'll fall screaming
to the base of the stack.

There is a
better way, it isn’t a game
no need to hide,
call on His name
act out for Jesus in your neighbourhood
"Come taste and see that the Lord is good!"

Saturday, 1 August 2009

I sit and stare, my mind a blank,
what to write, I do not know,
and then your Love alights my soul
and words come pouring forth to show

I will ever praise you Lord,
with my pen I will extoll
Your Excellence, Your Majesty
reflected all around I se

oh that all would walk Your Way
'til at last Your wiil is done,
here on Earth as Heaven above
each person sharing in Your Love.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Path Through The Wood

A path through the wood, not easy to tread.
Not all of those steps, are quite filled with dread
round ev'ry corner a new scape to see,
breath taking beauty, or dark and dreary.

Whatever the scene I don't tread alone,
for God is The Way and He'll lead me Home.
Though i choose the path, my step He'll guide,
in times of confusion in Him I'll hide.

so stand tall you trees, grow thick you ferns
cover up the path, whilst my heart yearns,
for my sweet saviour so i can see
the path through the wood as it's meant to be

Cupped Hands

Thirty two thousand men
an army of great striking
Ten thousand then were left
Too many for Gods liking

He took them for a drink
The kneelers and the lappers
thinned down to three hundred
Crack troops surely the sappers

Three groups of a hundred
carrying lamps and trumpets
the enemy confused
no time for toast or crumpets

they turned upon each other
killing without mercy
cupped hands missed all the fun
I s'pose they are still thirsty

don't need a big army when God gives you the enemy

Just A Pair Of Shoes

Just a pair of shoes
standing empty, still,
waiting for the moment
to do the masters will.

To take him where he needs to go
To ease the pounding pavements flow
protect his feet so he will know
the comfort I can give.

but if he chooses now to wear
some other fancy, newer pair,
I’ll rest a while and not despair
then when he uses me, I’ll live.