Monday, 29 December 2008

Cliff Top Path

A cliff top path on which to walk
to see the view perhaps to talk
of how the beauty of the day
washes over you in such a way
that all your senses come alive
suddenly no need to strive
and as you look far out to sea
wondering what it's like to be
soaring there amongst the gulls
or diving deep between the lulls
of waves that form some quite high
as if to blot out earth and sky
and drag you down down down down deep
to where the fishes play and sleep
inviting you into their home
below those waves some tipped with foam
there to stay and rest awhile
and with their antics make you smile
darting wildly to and fro
while others drift on by so slow
just like the wispy clouds above
no need to jostle push or shove
but floating there way up on high
until the time arrives to cry
and shower water on the land
some to run and some to stand
in puddles form a child's delight
to splash in carefree without fright