Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Heavens reflect Gods' Glory

They sing out a song
as they hurry along,
their orbits laid out in His plan.
Each with its own place,
a vast curtain of space
but only one sustaining Man.

They all have a name,
though not one’s the same
and there’s billions, nay trillions or more.
Man cannot count
or indeed surmount,
the spleandour of these, that’s for sure.

So each with its beauty
performing its duty,
created with reflection in mind.
an awesome task,
A God? People ask.
Oh how, can they, be so blind.


Lorrie said...

Yay!!! Really love the ending of this one :-)

Jack Brown said...

Thanks Lorrrie glad you like it

Deline said...

Keep up with the good poems. Thank God for your gift and may you use your poems to bless many.