Friday, 10 July 2009

Summer day

When I to morning chorus wake,
breathe deep as if my thirst to slake,
soar high upon melodious trill
escaping from the blackbirds’ bill.

Take in the sparrows’ cheerful chirp,
the raucous crows’ verbal smirk,
wood pigeons’ coo, as if to mock
the doodle doo of yonder cock.

Then to the window, open wide,
breathe Summers air, oh so alive.
I praise my God, for it is He
who causes Summer days to be.

with thanks to Hannah and Donna at CW


Lorrie said...

... the doodle doo... :-) I like that! I've been a stranger for awhile but it's good to be back and to see what my friends have been up to. Good stuff JayBee...

JayBee said...

Thanks Lorrie always glad to have your comment

donna said...

blessings my friend :)


JayBee said...

Thanks Donna