Monday, 10 November 2008

Anyway nobody’s missed me

I don’t come to church anymore
cos nobody smiled,
I sat in a pew
looked over at you
you got me riled,
cos you never let on.

I don’t come to church anymore
cos he didn’t speak,
and she didn’t seek,
to acknowledge me.
I sat by myself
no one bothered to talk,
so I decided to walk,
I don’t come to church anymore.

NO I don’t think I’m wrong!
I just don’t belong,
I don’t fit in.
WHAT me get involved?
What would that solve?
I’ve been let down before,
and I’ll tell you what’s more
that’s why
I don’t come to church anymore.
Anyway nobody’s missed me.


Elderly Ewes First Christmas

What’s that?
A lamb’s been born?
Well, I didn’t know it was Christmas morn.
What’s that?
Spotless and clean?
Born the whole of mankind to redeem?

The Angels sang to you?
There on the hill?
Well, to your shepherds,
how could you keep still?

Can we go and see? 
Will they let us in?
I’ll give some wool,
You give that grin.

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